General Expectations

Reading Workshop Overview
During reading workshop, I take the first 10 minutes to teach a new skill or strategy that students can add to their "reading toolkit". Then, they will have 30-40 minutes to practice using one of the skills or strategies I've taught while I hold conferences and groups. Finally, we end our time together by the students sharing about the work that they did that day.
General Expectations for Classwork
During work time each week, students have "must-do activities" and "may do activities".
Their must-do activities include completing 2 journal entries where they have practiced a reading skill with their independent book, writing a letter to a teacher, parent, or friend about what they read that week, and taking at least 1 AR quiz. The journal and letter activities will be completed in the reading journal which will be assigned via Google Classroom. Students will also be responsible for putting AR scores into a Google Sheet as the tests are completed. The goal is to earn 85% so please ask them questions about their books as they read to reinforce comprehension. I will teach them how to use all of these resources in the first several mini lessons.
Their may-do activities include taking additional AR tests, exploring different topics on Flocabulary, and reading books on myOn.

If you ever have questions or concerns about the classwork, please feel free to contact me via email at or by sending me a message through Remind. If you still need to join Remind, please follow the instructions below. This class code is for Ms. Peterson's homeroom only. Please visit your child's homeroom teacher's website if you need the code for that class. Thank you!