Carmilla Hilton

Hello My Name Is...

Carmilla Hilton

                                                        We are Stingray Strong!

Welcome to the Palace! I am Carmilla and the proud mother of two AMAZING young adults.  There names are Jacquelyn and Zion.   My favorites, pastimes, and organizations are Disney World, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc, and the US Naval Sea Cadets Corps.  

As an Educator, my contributions are love, dedication and consistency for the whole child. In doing my part, I am reflective to make sure that I did my BEST to nourish my parent and student relationships, because this will help me to understand their background and culture. Ultimately, this helped me reach the needs of my students to push them forward to become successful and productive citizens in society.

In my twenty-six  years of teaching, I have learned that I have a major role in the lives of these students. So, in conclusion, I need to be my best when I step foot in the classroom, I need to give respect so in return I am respected. Becoming an educator, though heavily influenced by my father became my passion and role in life as well. My father stated "that children can learn from any background, as long as there is love, dedication and consistency".